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WeSchool, the Blended Learning platform for companies

Learning is not about courses, it's about the way people work

Transform your company’s learning and engage participants with WeSchool

Blended Learning Journeys

Create more effective learning journeys with the right mix of engaging online and offline experiences.

Informal and Social Learning

Quickly setup a simple online environment that any of your colleagues can access from any device and let the magic happen.

Best Practices Sharing

Create an active community and enable anyone to share their experiences, successes and failures to help other colleagues grow.

We believe higher engagement means greater learning impact

We design and develop WeSchool starting from a simple idea: if you give people a learning tool they’ll love to use, they will use it more. If they use it more, they will learn more.

Clean and simple interface

We believe you should spend less than 20 minutes to learn how a platform works. This is way WeSchool feels and looks so clean and familiar.

A few very useful features

We have the hardest time in saying “no” to all the features we could add and choose not to. We focus on a few things to craft them at best.

We build learning products that people use because they want to in just a few years has become one of the largest learning communities in Italy.

Over 1.5M monthly users

Every month over 1.5 million users from all over Italy visit our websites at least once.

15.000+ hours of learning, every day

We deliver more than 15.000 hours of learning on virtually any subject through videos, texts and quizzes. Any day of the week.

Monthly users (000's)

Get more out of every hour of training

It is no secret that impactful learning is blended, but what’s the right blend?

50% Online Activities

Every month over 1.5 million users from all over Italy visit our websites at least once.

30% Collaborative Activities

We deliver more than 15.000 hours of learning on virtually any subject through videos, texts and quizzes. Any day of the week.

20% Trainer-led Instructions

We deliver more than 15.000 hours of learning on virtually any subject through videos, texts and quizzes. Any day of the week.

Built around collaboration

We believe a learning platform should be much more than a repository of courses. It should be a place for collaboration that people use for their day-to-day activities too.

Foster discussion, feedback and sharing

Give people a place where exchanging ideas, practices and experience is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Let students create learning content

Who said learning should be one-to-many? Most of the times your colleagues and not your trainers hold the secret recipe.

Turn anything into a part of a learning journey

How would your courses look like if you could integrate in a single place any type of content and even any online service (for example an article from the HBR, an English lesson from Duolingo or a YouTube video)?

It's not only about features

It’s about what you can do with them

A group is a course, and much more

We want to give trainers and educators a flexible tool to do many things. This is why a Group in WeSchool can be the closest thing to an online course, or simply a space for discussion or even a place used by a few (or many) people to actually work on documents and files in a more collaborative fashion.

We work in groups, we learn in groups

If we work in groups why should we learn how to work better alone? We believe communication and interaction should always be a pillar of any learning journey, this is why WeSchool is a flat “many-to-many” (always moderated) environment that makes room for meaningful conversations.

A place to communicate and share with everyone

The Wall is the place to connect with other group members and to share ideas and experiences. Anyone can post and trainers always have the power to moderate and intervene. All posts can have lots of content attached. It’s easy to attach virtually anything: from a video, to any kind of file, to MS Office files, an entire website and more.

Assign tasks and manage deadlines

It’s easy to keep everyone on the same page if you have the right tool to do it. With WeSchool assigning tasks to all group members or just a few is super simple.

Email and In-App notifications

Don’t worry about missing stuff. You decide which notifications to receive via email and which to get just in-app. We hate spam too!

A board is a lesson, a module, an experience

A Board is where to put content in WeSchool. The Board can be used by trainers to assemble a lesson and deliver it to students or (if unlocked) can be used as a place for students to upload and share files, videos, websites and more contributing to enriching the course.

Anything can be a source of learning, right?

Ever got stuck because integrations only took you so far? We think anyone who manages a learning experience should be able to use content of any kind, be it files, other websites or applications, Google Docs, videos, tests, questionnaires and much more.

Create and publish a videoquiz in less than a minute

You can create set of practice exercises and test directly on WeSchool, from tablet too. Want to make your own vide-quiz? The good news is: you don’t need to call a developer anymore.

Mix up to 10 different question formats

We took all the question formats that we know to be efficacious and we made a suite to create and publish in just a few clicks. Of course we have True/False, Multiple choice, Open Answer and such but you’ll also find Crosswords, Pair the Cards, Fill the Gaps, Video-quiz and more.

Instant quizzes and polls

Any exercise or test can be launched live to all group members. Say for instance your in class and want to check the pulse of your audience in real-time. You click on the lighting icon and you launch an “Instant”. All students get a notification and the test pops up on their devices. You, of course, track everyone’s progress live.

Track time spent, on external resources too

In traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) you could link to external resources such as an article of the New York Times but what happened after students clicked on the link remained unknown. Say goodbye to all that and start tracking the amount of time each students spends reading the article you included as part of a Board.

Over 100 events tracked in real-time

Even though we believe that learning success should be measured by increased revenues or contained costs we know that tracking is important. This is why we tracked what happens with two independent systems that allow us to give you all the custom information you need to understand whether your learning journeys are being as effective as they can be.

At distance

Deliver fewer in-class Lessons – saving time and money – and use WeSchool to fill the gap between sessions. Integrate any other website, content or platform you already use and like.

In class

Design, build and deliver in-class experiences with WeSchool (instead of using PowerPoint or Prezi). Enable effective real-time collaboration and live polling with colleagues in the same room.

WeSchool in action

Some of the exciting projects we have been working on in the last few months


Target & Duration: 30 people, 12 months
Scope: blended course for civilian officers on culture, governance and organisational aspects of the alliance.
Output: platform used as a learning social network, high level of interaction on a number of successful group-works.


Target & Duration: 20 people, 3 months
Scope: pilot course and possibility to scale to thousands of employees. WeSchool used to add social and blended activities to in-class activities.
Output: higher engagement of course participants over a longer timespan.


Target & Duration: 1000 people, 12 months
Scope: onboarding project to train new and converted resources on the basics of telecommunication technologies.
Output: significant cost saving on transportation and in-class sessions. Higher engagement of trained people.

Corporate University

Target & Duration: 50 people, 1 year
Scope: set of Master Degree courses, some of which in advanced economics
Output: higher engagement of students, both in class and out of class. Used especially to manage group-work, assign homework and evaluate students progress.


Target & Duration: 20 people, 3 months
Scope: people management course targeted to newly promoted managers
Output: students learning experienced improved by multiple discussions around content before and after each in-class session


Target & Duration: 30 people, 6 months
Scope: internal best practice development program
Output: increased collaboration and effective discussions in place also between in-class sessions to codify the internal best practice and contribute to crating training program.

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